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Sewer & Drains

Clogged pipes?

A problem with your sewer lines or a major clog in your drains is not something to take lightly. All it takes is one burst pipe and you’re faced with catastrophic damage that lowers the value of your home and impacts your life.

Drain Repair

Our experts are standing by to unclog your drains anywhere in Southern California with fast, reliable service and honest, no-nonsense work. One of our friendly, dependable plumbers can snake your drain and get your water flowing again in no time. All it takes is one call to us and it’s taken care of.

Sewer Line Repair

There are a number of problems that can affect your sewer line, from blockage due to debris, corrosion or even tree roots. Broken seals can also be responsible for sewer line issues. That’s why we use sewer line inspection cameras to identify the problems and save your lines. For serious blockages, we offer drain cleaning, sewer hydrojetting and sewer line repair service.

Trenchless Sewer Repair & Pipelining

If you are having an issue with your sewer line, we have the experience and training to deal with it, offering free estimates, speedy service and reliable follow-up. Don’t let a sewer line repair become a major catastrophe with a plumber you can’t count on. That’s why you need Joseph Davidson Plumbing, Sewers and Drains. Call us for efficient, reliable sewer line service in Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California.

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