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Why plumbing problems may destroy your home

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The recent election in Los Angeles proved that Culver City cares about its schools.  Measure CC, a bill promoting basic improvements to the local schools passed with overwhelming support.  This means that residents of neighborhoods near Baldwin Hill and Media Park want to have, among other provisions included in the bill, better plumbing for their kids.

And yet, when it comes to plumbing in our homes, we’re more apathetic.  Think about it.  You’ve probably experienced a leaky faucet or clogged drain at some point.  How fast did you fix it?  If you’re like most people – probably not very quickly.

Letting these issues go unchecked could lead to long-term problems and even full-on disasters.  You don’t want to be caught in an unexpected flood or water main break, but if you are, don’t worry.  For the best emergency plumber Culver City has to offer, call Joseph Davidson.  We can repair any problem, no matter how severe.

Of course, we’d prefer that you never find yourself in one of these situations, which is why we recommend preventative maintenance.  Here are a few areas you should check on now to ward off emergencies later.

Sewer line

Sewer lines are essential to any home’s healthy plumbing system.  Located underground in your yard, they help facilitate your waste water, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

While they’re invaluable, they’re not immune to vulnerabilities.  Whether they’ve been damaged by roots, experienced a clog, or sprung a leak, when a line fails, it’s an urgent problem.  Bad odors and backed up, dirty water are only a couple of the symptoms.

To prevent this from becoming an extreme, irreversible problem, keep an eye out for stopped up drains in your home.  For example, if you flush your toilet, and the bathtub starts to overflow, then your sewer line might need to be repaired.

Water heaters

Water heaters control so much of your plumbing’s activity, so it’s imperative that you check in on yours from time to time.  Typically, they’re located in the garage, basement, or just outside in an exterior shed or closet.

Examine the lines coming out of them.  Do they look healthy, or are they corroded?  Most importantly, watch for leaks.  When a water heater fails, it may cause a major puddle of water around the area of the device itself.

You should also consider your heater’s age.  They can last over ten years, but depending on factors like usage and climate, they might not make it that long.  Make sure you know how old yours is.


Like water heaters, the age of your pipes is critical.  In normal circumstances, they can last decades.  So the first thing you need to know is the history of your home, and its repairs.  While you’re looking into it, see if you can find out what kind of pipes were used.  The material will determine their longevity.

If a pipe in your wall bursts, it can be catastrophic.  Obvious signs are wet floorboards or carpeting, or in more extreme situations, a bulge in the wall or ceiling.  If you see this, turn off your home’s water supply, and call a plumber.

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