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Does Your New Home Have Adequate Plumbing?

Posted on by on 27th May 2014 with 0 comment

If you’ve been to the Westside recently, you’ve noticed it.

Culver City is blowing up.  It seems that over the past few years, the area has exponentially multiplied.  As more and more upscale new restaurants and small businesses open, the population also continues to grow, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Just take a stroll down any of our streets near Sony Pictures or the Kirk Douglas Theatre.  Even if you go a little farther from the fray, you’ll see homes for sale, houses being flipped, or maybe even moving trucks parked in front of a newly purchased property.  There’s no shortage of new homeowners and renters.

Of course, when you buy a new home, you want to be sure it’s in great shape.  No one likes unwelcome surprises, especially after you’ve already made a big investment.

Obviously, inspections of the house are required before the sale can go through.  But those inspections are general and don’t always reach far enough.

Some people find it worthwhile to drill down into specific areas of the home.  For example, an inspector may make sure all of your plumbing fixtures are generally sufficient, but it’s not uncommon for new owners to discover unforeseen hiccups shortly after moving in.

One thing you might consider is having a trained professional who specializes in plumbing take a look.  He or she can examine the details and let you know what to expect.

For the best plumber Culver City can offer, call Joseph Davidson.  We work in residences of all shapes and sizes, and have dealt with just about every issue imaginable.  We can identify a legitimate problem (or potential problem), and fix it if need be.

If you’re trying to decide if our specialized inspection is right for you, here are a few areas to consider as you look over your new home.


Drains are crucial to the functionality of your house’s plumbing.  All water runs through them, and they help connect you to a larger network of pipes.

Make sure your drain pipes are big enough.  If you anticipate heavy water usage, or if they’re just not wide enough, the pipes can become clogged, causing serious back up.

Additionally, consider the drains at your home’s foundation.  If these are cracked or failing, then you may incur water damage.

The water heater

In some ways, the water heater is the command center for your plumbing.  It controls the temperature of your water, and affects pressure as well.

The first way to know if it needs inspection is through your shower or sink.  Is the water hot enough?   Get close and examine it.  Does it look old and cracked?  You may also consider replacing it with a tankless water heater for potential energy and money savings.


When looking at your residence’s pipes, it might be tough to identify any problems.  Pipes kind of look like pipes, right?

However, a trained plumber will be able to tell if they’re in danger of failing, or for example, if they’re made of Polybutylene.  This was a popular material for a time, but has since been determined to be hazardous to water, and could break unexpectedly as well.

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