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Money-saving plumbing tricks anyone can do

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Certain plumbing jobs are just beyond the reach of the average joe. Don’t get us wrong. Los Angeles residents are a handy bunch, but when it comes to complicated, labor and tool-intensive work like trenchless sewer repair or copper repiping, most people aren’t up for the task. Whether you live in Downtown LA or on the West Side, it’s better to focus on the simple jobs around your home.

Here’s a list of home repairs anyone can pull off if she has the time and inclination.

Running toilet

We’ve all been there. No one’s used the bathroom in a while, and yet you can’t escape the sound of water running. It’s easy to let it go at first, but pretty soon it’s completely invaded your home! Rather than procrastinating, try investigating the scene of the crime.

In many instances, the cause of that annoying noise of running water can be found inside the tank. Simply lift off the lid and check to make sure the chain isn’t caught. Often, it will get stuck, causing the plunger that lifts up and down off the pipe to hang in the air. As a result, water will continually try to fill the tank, but only trickle into the drain, hence the noise. Adjust the chain and your problem is solved (not to mention, you’ve just saved money on your water bill).

Install efficient fixtures

Installing water efficient appliances such as newer-model washing machines will probably require the work of a professional, in which case you should call the best plumber in Culver City. But you don’t have to be an expertly trained Joseph Davidson team member to install simple water-efficiency fixtures around the house. For example, shower heads are easy to replace, affordable and can save water, which in turn saves money on your water bill.

Unclog a drain

If your kitchen sink starts to overflow, you may be frustrated or gripped with panic over the size and scope of a problem. The truth is that if you wait for the problem to get worse, it might actually cause a serious clog, and require the work of a professional plumber. But the problem doesn’t have to reach this costly extreme.

First, try running a simple mixture of hot water and baking soda down the drain. In many circumstances, this will help loosen the clogged debris, and return your drain to working order in no time. If this method doesn’t work, you may need to climb under the sink. Using a wrench, loosen the J-shaped drain pipe near where it bends. Once you remove it, scrape out the clog, and you’re done.

Move off the grid

This “trick” might be more of a full-blown lifestyle choice, but it certainly can alleviate common plumbing headaches associated with residential Los Angeles. Living out in nature not only brings peace to your life, but it can dramatically reduce the amount of money you spend on water. Without a monthly bill, you just have to pay to have your well maintained once in a while.

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