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How to make money from your plumbing

Posted on by on 12th August 2014 with 0 comment

When it comes to trends in Los Angeles, the DIY revolution has taken the city by storm. More and more homeowners are finding crafty ways to turn ordinary, everyday objects and materials into money-making ventures. From making and selling your own jewelry, to brewing your own beer, there’s a growing trend in commerce based on creativity and self-reliance.

It may surprise you to hear that plumbing is no exception. While there’s not necessarily an industry of craftsmen building and selling their own pipes (yet), you can turn your home’s plumbing into cash. The trick? Saving water. Through a mix of new plumbing technologies and good old-fashioned tricks, Los Angeles residents can dramatically increase their savings. Consider these options:

Tankless water heater

Going tankless is a great long-term investment, and has caught on all over the city – and not just in progressive neighborhoods like Santa Monica to Culver City. We’ve visited homeowners all over town who are interested in replacing their older models with the compact, cheaper alternatives.

Detractors may cite the high price tag as cost prohibitive, which contradicts the proposed savings. While it’s true that new tankless heaters can run up to $1,000, they pay off down the road, as they consume less and less water over time, resulting in a consistently lower water bill for you. Just make sure you hire the best plumber Los Angeles has to offer to install it. Joseph Davidson’s technicians will expertly install your new unit, and get it working in no time.

PEX pipes

Another water-efficient way to save money that’s fairly new to the market is PEX piping. PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene, is a great replacement for copper, which was the go-to pipe many years ago. The problem is that, though it can last for years and years, copper piping will corrode eventually. Replacement is a true plumbing headache (much more expensive than repairing, say, a clogged toilet), and water safety advocates suggest that the corrosion may contaminate your home’s drinking water.

PEX on the other hand is fairly cheap to install, lasts as long as copper, and has an insulated inner layer, requiring less energy to heat your water (and adding more cash to your wallet).

Re-use water

For the true DIYers, one of the best methods of turning your plumbing into money is also one of the simplest: reusable water. It’s easy to take disposable water for granted. Whether washing dishes in the sink or taking a shower, we let gallons of H2O go down the drain when we could be redistributing it. One simple trick is set up a tub or bucket while you shower. Once it collects enough run-off to be meaningful, you can now use it for other purposes. If you have a small yard, you can use it to water the grass in lieu of sprinklers. Similarly, the excess shower water will work great in your garden, serving your thirsty plants and promoting a healthy crop.



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