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Is Downtown Culver City Headed for a Plumbing Emergency?

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Culver City has become one of Los Angeles’ biggest up and coming neighborhoods.  Anyone who’s lived there for a while knows it’s always drawn good restaurants and interesting art galleries, but over the last few years this Westside pocket has blown up.

It seems that there’s always a new restaurant or hip bar opening along the strips of Venice and Washington Boulevards.  During the day, families can enjoy a healthy brunch or casual stroll through Media Park.

At night, you’ll see flocks of people walking the sidewalks, sometimes bouncing from place to place for a fine meal or crafted cocktail.

From the Culver Hotel to Rush Street, Public School 310 to Ford’s Filling Station, downtown has something for every person who’s hungry for good food and fun.

With so many great establishments located side by side, it’s no wonder people come out in droves.  But the cluster of businesses has its potential dangers as well.

They all depend on a network of sewer lines in order to function.  Think about it.  Each place relies on working plumbing, including everything from sinks to faucets and toilets.  If the plumbing fails, they can’t operate, which of course causes a major interruption to their business.

In a worst-case scenario, a sewer line may become clogged, resulting in backed up fixtures, wet floors and horrible smells.  It’s not an experience that any diner wants to have on a Saturday night – or any time, really.

Of course, the livelihood of one restaurant affects the rest of the block.  If a bar suffers a sewage flood, even people outside will know.  It would kill the hustle and bustle and drive everyone away.

In the restaurant industry, crises like this have to be handled immediately.  With a few negative reviews online, people can cripple an establishment.  If you read a review saying that a meal was destroyed by a flood of stinky sewage, would you want to eat that place?

When a disaster like this hits suddenly, you don’t want to feel lost.  Have a plan, or at least a predetermined resource for help.  Know who to call.

For the best emergency plumber Culver City has to offer, Joseph Davidson is ready to serve you 24/7.  For years, we’ve assisted the Westside with all of its plumbing needs.  From a typical leaky faucet to a last-minute nightmare, we’ve seen it all.

We love Culver City, and would hate to see its thriving downtown ravaged by an unfortunate plumbing accident.  Fixing the problem isn’t just a job for us; it’s personal.  We want to maintain the safety and livelihood of our neighborhood, so we can continue to be one of Los Angeles’s premiere destinations.

If you own or work in a restaurant, or if you just happen to be patronizing one during a flood or related emergency, don’t panic.  Call us and we’ll be there in no time to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

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