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Don’t get ambushed by this plumbing emergency

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All Los Angeles homeowners have dealt with unexpected plumbing problems at some point.  Of course, the small ones are the easiest to handle.  Leaky faucets and clogged toilets are a cinch compared to what could possibly go wrong on your property.

Hopefully you’ll never have to wrestle with a burst pipe or a flooded bathroom.  Anyone who’s had to clean those kinds of messes up can tell you that they’re cause for alarm.  Unfortunately, though, you just can’t predict when a huge plumbing headache will affect you.  Like migraines, they occasionally show warning signs, but often prefer to ambush you.

Perhaps the worst of these big repairs is a broken or clogged sewer line.  This can saturate your yard, and even flood your home with stinky water.  To prepare, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the issue before it’s too late.

The root of the problem

For many older homes, the underground piping was built from clay, as it was considered to be affordable and at the time, reliable.  However, over time this was proven not to be true.  Clay breaks down over the years, and is especially vulnerable to tree roots in your yard that may grow deep underground, and encroach on your sewer lines.  The recent drought in California has made the situation worse, as roots tend to reach for any signs of moisture they can find.

However, even newer, stronger PVC pipes are susceptible to fierce growth.  They may not break, but if a root is determined enough, it can clog the line.

Flush it out

In the past, plumbers had to tear up your yard to access the problem pipe.  Thankfully, now they can rely on more efficient modes of solving the problem (in case you were wondering, clogged sewer lines are definitely projects that should be left to professionals).

For the best plumber Los Angeles has to offer, call Joseph Davidson.  From Downtown to Culver City, we can use a technique known as hydro-jetting, and flush out the blockage.  It may sound hi tech, but it’s actually pretty basic.  By sending an exceptionally strong current of water through the line, we can blast out all of the roots and debris, and return your sewer main to working order.  Meanwhile, disruption to your yard is kept to a minimum.

Other solutions

In addition to hydro-jetting, there are a variety of sophisticated ways in which we can detect what’s ailing the pipe.  Cameras have become a highly powerful tool as of late.  Using a flexible rod with a waterproof video camera mounted on the end, a plumber can insert the object underground.  It can snake through the line and even around corners.

By transmitting clear, real-time video footage to the trained technician above ground, it creates an accurate picture of the problem.  Additionally, radio transmitters on the camera can record the exact location in relation to the surface, so you know exactly where to focus repair efforts.

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