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Do you know these basic, life-saving facts about your home?

For many Culver City residents, owning a home is a part-time job. While it can be liberating in a sense, it also comes with a host of responsibilities that you just can’t afford to slack on. Mortgage, bills, and ongoing maintenance are all obvious tasks that come to mind, but don’t forget about the big-picture issues either. For example, knowing how to turn off your home’s water supply in case of a plumbing emergency can save you money on repairs later on. This kind of small pearl of knowledge can go a long way to preserving home value, and possibly even saving your life.

For more simple but essential facts, check out this list of things that every homeowner should know:

The on/off switch for the gas is outside

Gas leaks are dangerous, and in some cases can cause deadly explosions. Serious cases are rare, but you don’t want to be the exception to the rule. While it’s impossible to completely prevent accidents from happening, you can arm yourself with appropriate knowledge should an emergency occur. If you smell gas, first make sure the stove is off (typically this is culprit). However, if the stove isn’t causing the problem, evacuate the home and turn off the gas immediately. For most homes, you’ll find the gas valve near the gas meter, located around the perimeter of the house. Using a wrench, give the valve a quarter clockwise turn to shut if off.

Sewer lines are affected by tree roots

Culver City’s residential neighborhoods are lined with beautiful trees, but some trees can actually do more harm than good. Old trees in particular have large roots that extend throughout your property. This is necessary for their growth and survival, but it also poses a threat to your underground sewer lines.

If your yard has a big, old tree, be advised that the roots may encroach on, clog, or even burst your pipes. If you suspect that this happened, don’t hesitate to contact the most skilled plumber in Culver City. Joseph Davidson can implement minimally invasive techniques such as trenchless sewer line repair to efficiently fix the problem. From The Helms Bakery District to neighborhoods around Sony Studios, our team of experts can restore your disrupted lines, and have them working again without tearing up your yard or significantly disrupting your life.

Excess moisture causes mold

Although not as immediately dangerous as gas, mold can lead to negative allergic reactions, cause cancer, and even death in the most extreme cases. In other words, prevent it at all costs.

First and foremost, you need to know that mold occurs in areas of excessive moisture. Bathrooms aren’t uncommon, but the most dangerous areas are those that are unseen. From your sub-floors to hidden leaky pipes to remote areas of your basement, mold could theoretically be growing for a while and you’d never know it. Make sure you routinely check these areas whenever possible. The most common sign of black mold is usually a cluster of dark spots. If you detect these, call a plumber immediately.