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Let’s be honest, when it comes to plumbing, it’s tempting to take a few shortcuts. If you’re not a professional plumber, you may not understand the consequences of failing to repair a leaky pipe. While some Los Angeles residents enjoy home repair projects, many would prefer not to deal with a problem until they absolutely have to (similar to why we might prolong getting a cavity filled; it’s expensive and no fun!).However, while the simple, cheap solution

How to make money from your plumbing

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When it comes to trends in Los Angeles, the DIY revolution has taken the city by storm. More and more homeowners are finding crafty ways to turn ordinary, everyday objects and materials into money-making ventures. From making and selling your own jewelry, to brewing your own beer, there’s a growing trend in commerce based on creativity and self-reliance.It may surprise you to hear that plumbing is no exception. While there’s not necessarily an industry of craftsmen building

Your business is failing. Sure, your profits may be up, but whether you run a retail boutique or serve a B2B clientele, anyone who’s visited your company has discreetly noticed the one thing that can ultimately destroy an important first impression: cleanliness.In Los Angeles, keeping your place of business clean and tidy is key to making new customers, impressing old ones, and of course, closing a sale. Whether you’re in the heart of a Culver City commercial

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