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It may or may not surprise you to learn that tap water in Los Angeles is generally safe to drink. Regulations mandate that city officials filter our supply of H2O to make sure it arrives to our faucets, safe to drink. Although it contains elements such as Chlorine and Flouride, they allegedly exist only in trace amounts, and pose no serious health risk to us.However, certain exemptions should be made during exceptional circumstances. While there isn’t necessarily

Culver City has certainly benefited from the recent storms in Los Angeles. All you have to do is look at Baldwin Hill; it’s transformed from dry landmass to green goliath in a little over a month.But that doesn’t mean we’ve beat our historic drought just yet. In fact, experts predict we’ll need consistent rain for over a year to pull out of this dry deficit. While every Angeleno has a responsibility to conserve water, we should be

For many Culver City residents, owning a home is a part-time job. While it can be liberating in a sense, it also comes with a host of responsibilities that you just can’t afford to slack on. Mortgage, bills, and ongoing maintenance are all obvious tasks that come to mind, but don’t forget about the big-picture issues either. For example, knowing how to turn off your home’s water supply in case of a plumbing emergency can save you

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