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5 costly plumbing myths to avoid

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Most of us think we understand the fundamentals of plumbing.  We may not be trained experts, but we have enough common sense to connect the dots on how things work.  Or so we think.

In fact, a good amount of what we believe to be true about our water and pipes is actually only partially right, or completely false.   Maybe we heard the information from a reliable source, or maybe we just made up our minds at some point that it was true.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to know the difference between truths and myths about plumbing.  The result of believing something that’s false can not only be embarrassing, but costly.  If you let a seemingly innocent leak persist, for example, it can run up your water bill, and also be an indication of a bigger, more expensive problem.

Here are some commonly heard myths that you should watch out for.

Any plumber can fix my problem

As with any other industry, there are different levels of skill among professionals – assuming you’re dealing with a professional to begin with.  It’s tempting to accept a cheap bid from someone, but be careful.  Often times a suspiciously low estimate is a reflection of the person’s inexperience, or desperation.

Your best bet is to contact someone with a proven track record.  For the most reliable plumber Los Angeles has to offer, call Joseph Davidson.  We can fix a wide range of problems, and advise you on what constitutes a warning sign, and what is just business as usual.

If it fits in the garbage disposal, it’s okay to process

It’s easy to take advantage of garbage disposals because of their convenience.  Once we drop food in them, it supposedly disappears forever.  But this isn’t always the case.  Even if you’re running water, large or hard food items should not enter the disposal.  If it doesn’t clog immediately, it will over time; and it’ll cost you.  Instead, try chopping or breaking up your food first before sending it down the drain.

Hand soap can clean plumbing fixtures

This mistake is especially harmful, since soap can actually damage the surface of your faucet.  For brass plumbing fixtures, try something more gentle like a mixture of natural lemon juice and baking soda.  Toilet bowls, on the other hand, do require a stronger approach, but today it’s easy to find all-natural cleaners that won’t harm the exteriors of the bowl.

High-efficient fixtures are just a fad

Although they’ve grown in popularity, some still dismiss high-efficient fixtures as a passing trend.  The truth is Colorado just passed legislation banning any fixture that doesn’t save water, and other states like California are expected to follow.  Talk to a plumber about the simple ways that you can conserve water in your showers, sinks and toilets.

Sometimes outdoor plumbing just smells bad

It’s easy to dismiss bad odors outside, especially if you live in a big city.  But don’t ignore them.  Persistent smells coming from your lawn could mean that the problem is much worse than a simple odor.  If a sewer line has burst, your yard and home may be in trouble, and it will only get worse with time.  Make sure you contact us if you suspect you may need repairs.

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