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4 Signs of a Trustworthy Plumber

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Hiring a plumber can actually be a stressful experience.  You’re inviting someone into your home, which is very personal.  Depending on the job, he or she may be there for days, maybe even weeks.

Unlike friends who you get to know over time, and can therefore make informed decisions regarding the level of privacy you’ll allow them to access, handy men are different.  You have to basically make a snap judgment based on intuition.

Word of mouth is one way to alleviate the fear.  Culver City has many homeowners, and those who’ve had to hire help can tell you about their experiences.  Additionally, you can look at online reviews to make a more informed decision.

But ultimately you have to rely on the plumber’s own practices and behavior.  For example, if he seems disorganized or shady when you talk to him, you should probably move on.

The ideal hire should introduce himself with a stable of qualifications and services to put you at ease.  It’s just common sense.

For the most trustworthy plumber Los Angeles has to offer, call Joseph Davidson.  For years, our customers have hired us based on our reliability and friendly demeanor.  Impeccable work doesn’t hurt either.

We believe that plumbers have more than just one job.  Obviously, fixing your problem is crucial, but in addition, we know that we have to earn your confidence before we even enter the home.

Whether or not you go with us, here are four major trust-building qualities that we think all plumbers should provide.

Free estimates 

If the plumber you’re considering doesn’t offer a free estimate, keep looking.  This is fairly common practice.  Being charged just for a general inspection before any actual work begins probably means that he’s going to nickel and dime you, overcharge, or that he’s just plain desperate.

On the flipside, beware of dirt-cheap estimates.  Whether it’s for drainage issues or backflow prevention, when comparing potential charges from different candidates, toss out the one that seems suspiciously low-ball.  It’s probably low because he cuts corners.

24-hour services   

Even if your problem isn’t a sudden emergency, it’s good to know that should you be hit with such a catastrophe, the plumber can accommodate you.

Say a broken pipe bursts in the middle of the night.  The ceiling swells up and eventually explodes, dumping dirty water all over your floor.  Are you going to feel okay about waiting until morning to deal with it?

A reliable plumber should be ready to serve you 24/7.


In a place like Culver City, many of the houses were built in similar ways.  From Fox Hills to Clarkdale, the homes don’t change radically.  Real estate near the Culver City Police Station looks not entirely unlike that near The Actors Gang Theatre.

You want a local plumber who knows how the houses function in your neighborhood.  If he’s worked around you before, it may save him time when figuring out where to look for the problem.

Interest-free financing

If the worker you’re interviewing is serious about your business, he should offer you more than one financing option.  It’s no secret that many homeowners are recovering from difficult economic times.  Plumbing is a priority but so is putting food on the table.

A good plumber can work with you on your payment plan, and allow interest-free financing, while still delivering excellent service.

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